NostrGraph Dashboard

Get Insights into your Nostr network. From your personal events and reactions, to the entire Nostr community's engagement! See your newest followers, and who just left.

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Your Events

Summarise your daily events by kind to see your contributions.

Your Reactions

See all the reactions you've made to content from others.


Understand how your community is interacting with your content.

Community Reactions

Visualise how the community is reacting to you.

Follower Changes

See how your network grows, and who has recently joined.

Following Changes

Track the accounts you follow over time. Are you addicted?

Event Counts

Simple counters for your Nostr event kinds since all time.


Hit points for your extensive career ZAPPING friends and foe!

Nostr Graph

NostrGraph is your gateway into nextgen public communications. We provide tools to help promote the network and empower users.

Provided by Thanks @fiatjaf!